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Tax avoidance scheme review

Tax avoidance scheme review

HM Revenue and Customs are dedicating a huge amount of resources into challenging tax avoidance schemes in an attempt to dissuade tax payers from entering into such plans. With their new powers, HMRC can now issue Accelerated Payment Notices which is a 90 day payment demand to any individual or business who are part of a tax avoidance scheme. Alternatively, they can issue what is known as a Follower Notice which requests that the taxpayer correct their tax returns and remove any tax avoidance arrangements. When it comes to a tax avoidance scheme review, you need an experienced accountant on side who can guide and advise you in this complex area.

The Accountancy Network has a selection of knowledgeable accountants who have specialists in this area and can provide the following support:

  • Advice on tax avoidance schemes or other complicated schemes that you may have entered into
  • Providing information and guidance on settlement options and tax avoidance enquiries
  • Direction on how to withdraw from tax avoidance schemes
  • Conducting checks with the HMRC to make sure that they have not exceeded their statutory time limits for discovery and enquiry
  • Exploring options if you have received either a Follower Notice or APN


  • Assisting with negotiations for Time to Pay arrangements
  • Advising businesses or individuals if they have received serial avoiders action

With complex situations such as a tax avoidance scheme review it is important to seek the right advice.. Let The Accountancy Network help find you an accountant who can offer professional guidance on any aspect of tax avoidance scheme reviews